All Your Accounting in Just a Few Clicks

ProTransport is designed to address all of your trucking company's accounting needs. The accounting module's capabilities include petty cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing and profit/loss, as well as larger overviews like general productivity, cost analysis and revenue control.

With a user-friendly interface, scheduled deductions, automated fuel data importing, advances and credits, ProTransport helps you create driver and owner-operator settlements with ease. You can use the accounting module to read and report capability overviews, and export data to a number of different file formats. The scope and functionality of ProTransport allow you to see your company's bottom line with a single click.

Turn Load Information into Invoices Instantly

ProTransport allows you to view your trucking company's uninvoiced orders on a single screen. Drivers can upload PODs and other documents directly to the accounting module, enabling you to bill your clients just minutes after delivery.

Control Fleet Productivity with Detailed Reporting

Gain visibility to your company's complete financial picture, including detailed reports on each driver, truck and piece of equipment. This helps you spot problem areas quickly, address them in a timely manner and make sound strategic decisions for your business.

Cut Time Needed to Prepare Settlements

ProTransport calculates individual driver and contractor load pay, fuel, tolls, and scheduled deductions. All transactions are organized on a single screen where you can include them on each statement.

Import Fuel Card Data in Minutes

ProTransport's accounting module integrates with all the major fuel card providers, allowing for automatic data import. Each transaction is assigned to the appropriate truck and driver.

Capabilities Include:

  • Easy-to-use accounting board
  • QuickBooks™ integration
  • Invoicing and aging reports
  • Advanced financial reporting
  • Contractor and driver settlements, and scheduled deductions
  • Importing of fuel purchases and tolls
  • Truck economy and MPG reports
  • Tracking of uninvoiced loads
  • Bills, payments and check-writing
  • Factoring company schedule
  • General ledger
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Trial balance
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Deposit manager
  • Uncollected loads
  • 1099 calculation