If you factor your freight invoices with RTS Financial, you can use ProTransport to speed up the funding process. ProTransport’s factoring integration with RTS Financial automates and streamlines billing, helping you get paid faster on your receivables.


If you are a customer of RTS Financial or RTS Carrier Services, you can utilize ProTransport’s integration with the RTS Pro mobile app. RTS Pro’s Trip Management function integrates with ProTransport, allowing for two-way communication, load status updates and image sharing with your drivers’ smartphones or tablets.


You can export data from ProTransport to your QuickBooks software, allowing you to seamlessly manage accounting for your trucking company. Export features from ProTransport to QuickBooks include load invoices, load payments and driver/contractor statements.

Electronic Logging Devices

ProTransport helps you track and manage your drivers’ hours of service by integrating with industry-leading Keep Truckin and Transflo ELD products.


Your ProTransport package can be customized to integrate and share data with your customers. ProTransport currently provides the following EDI transaction sets: 204 (load tendering), 210 (billing) 214 (stop status) and 990 (load acknowledgement).