Make the Right Dispatch Decision Every Time

ProTransport’s trucking dispatch module eases the stress and workflow for your dispatch team. The software includes a live dispatch board, easy truck tracking with integrated GPS, embedded two-way text messaging and efficient scheduling, all on the same display. The color-coded design table helps your team quickly preview trips and identify available equipment.

The simplicity and automation of ProTransport makes the dispatch module easy for your team to learn how to use. With all your dispatch information in one location on ProTransport, you eliminate time-wasting spreadsheets and switching between applications to perform tasks. Once entered, your load information is available throughout the entire dispatch module, speeding up your operations and billing. The amount of data in ProTransport lets you make optimal decisions with just a glance at the dispatch board.

Always Know Your Fleet's Availability

ProTransport provides real-time information on the locations and availability of your trucks and drivers. Customizable color coding provides instant visual information for your dispatch team to review.

Communicate with Drivers Through Two-Way Texting

Improve the sharing of information between your dispatchers and drivers. The dispatch board provides the capability to send and receive text messages from a single screen. ProTransport keeps the history of text conversations for future reference.

Capabilities Include:

  • Simple dispatch board that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Geo-fencing
  • Available loads
  • LTL trip planner
  • Dispatch groups
  • EDI capability
  • Driver schedules
  • Customizable, color-coded layout