Timely, Accurate Data on Your Fleet

ProTransport’s safety and maintenance module keeps all your assets and employees up-to-date on DOT regulatory requirements and upcoming service appointments.

The software's alert system warns you of expired or soon-to-expire documents. ProTransport's document upload manager allows you to store all driver, truck and trailer documents in one easy-to-find place. The accuracy of ProTransport's automated safety monitoring data keeps you on top of certifications and prepares you for the next DOT visit. ProTransport also integrates easily with electronic logging devices (ELDs), ensuring your fleet remains compliant with hours-of-service regulations.

Stay Compliant With Automated Alerts

ProTransport warns you about regulatory documents that are about to expire. The software will automatically track certifications for all of your drivers, trucks and trailers.

Manage Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Create mileage- or time-based reminders for your entire fleet. Keep records of all your truck and trailer maintenance schedules, and produce reports based on unit, date, type, amount and more.

Calculate IFTA with One Click

ProTransport automatically generates tax reports based on your company's loads and fuel purchases.

Store Your Documents in One Place

ProTransport can store all your driver documents (driver license, medical card, etc.), truck and trailer documents (registration, contracts), accident reports, and claim files. Easily access and print all your uploaded documents.

Capabilities Include:

  • Driver, truck and equipment profiles
  • Alerts on document expirations and maintenance
  • Driver and truck performance
  • Drug and alcohol test records
  • Driver warnings
  • Driver applications and hiring documents
  • Truck and equipment maintenance
  • Easy document uploads
  • Truck inspections
  • Truck and equipment warnings
  • IFTA calculations
  • Accident reporting and claims history
  • Equipment assignment and logbook management